Douglas Reeman, Master maritime story teller is ill and needs help






It is with deep regret that we hear of the plight of master story teller Douglas Reeman (also writing as Alexander Kent) who has given so much pleasure to so man readers down the years. It is a reminder that even best selling authors can need help. Please go to and those with facebook accounts can help without even donating money. Please read the continuation.

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Exmouth RNLI volunteers captured by The Lifeboat Station Project

sept-1416-PR140916-1 Exmouth Crew on Ambrotype plate

PR140916-1 Ambrotype glass plate of Crew and Shannon class lifeboat R and J Welburn.

sept-1416-PR140916-2 RNLI filming reaction

PR140916-2 RNLI filming reaction of Crew looking at the developed plate

sept-1416-PR140916-3 Jack Lowe in Neena

PR140916-3 Jack Lowe in ‘Neena’ developing Exmouth Crew photograph

On 7 September, Photographer Jack Lowe visited Exmouth lifeboat station to record the 21st century boathouse, Shannon class lifeboat and Crew volunteers with a Victorian camera.

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IMPORTANT – FIRE Project forthcoming changes


During the coming weeks a number of changes will be made to the FIRE Project portals that are open to public access. These changes will include some changes to portal addresses and some changes to editorial addresses. We would appreciate it if our readers would make a note or bookmark of This portal will list any new addresses and any deleted addresses. For those of you who send us your news and information, please make a note of our main editorial address which is This email address will always be available. Email address changes will also appear at Some portals may suddenly vanish and reappear in a new form but, during these outages, information will be copied to sister portals

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