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Nighthawk Publishing was formed in 2000 as the Editorial wing of the FIRE Project. Since its formation, the volunteers staffing Nighthawk Publishing have provided editorial oversight to the on-line portals of the FIRE Project and been responsible for publishing eNewsletters, eMagazines, and eBooks on a range of subjects and in support of the objectives for the FIRE Project. The software developed for production of electronic publishing material is able to produce printed paper editions of selected titles. These paper books have been printed using OnDemandPrint systems and volume press-printed books in hardback and softback bindings.


Inland Waterways Association


Our Vision -“To ensure the inland waterways of England and Wales are restored and maintained to the best possible standards, and kept accessible for the benefit of all people”. more…

Formation of IWA
In 1946 The Inland Waterways Association was formed to fight for the canals to be saved and revitalised so that the canals might benefit future generations.

Years of subsequent effort by IWA, with its relentless campaigning to change policies and attitudes, has prevented The Llangollen Canal, The Southern Oxford, The Leeds & Liverpool (and many others) from being abandoned and forgotten.

Massive fund raising and volunteer work parties helped to restore and re-open waterways like the Southern Stratford Canal and River Avon Navigations. The popularity, accessibility and condition of our waterways as we know them today, is testimony to all that The Inland Waterways Association has achieved so far. But opportunities and threats remain ever present; much still has to be done. The IWA depends on the ongoing support of everyone who cares about our waterways heritage.

The Association’s Head Ofice is based at Chesham in Buckinghamshire:

The Inland Waterways Association
Island House
Moor Road

Tel: 01494 783453





For over 10 years, the Algalita Marine Research Foundation has studied plastic marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. What we have found – exponential increases in the quantity of plastic debris – have a range of ecological impacts we are only beginning to understand.

To put a cap on it, we’re sounding the alarm, by sailing across the Pacific on 15,000 plastic bottles. Along the way, we’ll report our findings, collect ocean surface samples, and answer your questions through our blog.

Out of sight, out of mind no longer, We need for people to begin paying attention, before our oceans turn to plastic soup.



EXMAR is a diversified and independent shipping group serving the international gas and oil industry. Apart from providing the ships for the transportation of these products, it also performs studies and undertakes the management of commercial, technical and administrative activities for the industry.
EXMAR strives to create shareholder value over the long term by balancing long and short-term agreements to counteract volatility in the freight market, combined with providing services that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

EXMAR endeavours to support sustainable growth by attaching the greatest importance to the quality of its fleet, the safety of personnel and equipment and the protection of the environment.

EXMAR Headquarters

De Gerlachekaai 20
B-2000 Antwerpen


Tel : +32 3 247.56.11
Fax : +32 3 248.27.40
E-mail :

LPG and LNG Shipping

Tel : +32 3 247.56.56
Fax : +32 3 248.27.40
E-mail :

LNG Up & Downstream

Tel : +32 3 247.56.56
Fax : +32 3 248.27.40
E-mail :


Tel : +32 3 247.56.38
Fax : +32 3 247.56.91
E-mail :

Tall Ships Race


The Tall Ships Race is divided into classes that include vessels up to the largest surviving Tall Ships and vessels constructed more recently, mainly to provide sail training.

Sail Training International is a registered charity (not for profit organisation) with worldwide membership and activities. Our purpose is the development and education of young people of all nationalities, cultures, religions and social backgrounds through the sail training experience.

We achieve this through a range of activities and services. These include conferences and seminars, races and other events for sail training Tall Ships, publications and DVD presentations, international research and the Class A Tall Ships Forum (for the operators of big square-rigged sail training ships). Our members are the national sail training organisations of Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

To track the fleet visit the website:

To see the full list of placings, visit the website:

Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta


The Del Rey Yacht Club is navigating uncharted waters in 2009 with its 20th biennial competition to Puerto Vallarta, presented by CORUM Swiss Timepieces. PV09 is no longer just an “International Yacht Race” but a series of four separate races in succession between Southern California and the Mexican mainland starting next Jan. 31.

Del Rey Yacht Club



Tom Redler




Peggy Redler




Jim Foyer


Royal Southern Yacht Club



The Royal Southern has a unique waterside location on the River Hamble and is a popular club for yachtsmen and motorboaters of all ages.

The Club has excellent bar and dining facilities, including wet bar and terrace overlooking the water and eleven interior designed bedrooms, all with ensuite shower facilities.

 Royal Southern Yacht Club

Rope Walk,


Southampton SO31 4HB

Tel: 02380 450300

Fax: 02380 450310


2008 03 25-CL-Misealeau1

In April 2007, l’Hydroptère broke a first record over 500 meters at an average speed of 44.81 knots and a second one over one nautical mile, a performance which made her the fastest craft over the last distance.

After a final phase of assembly in Marseille, l’Hydroptère will be able to tackle her goal for 2008 – to become the fastest sailing craft on the planet.

VISAR, Virgin Islands Search and Rescue



Virgin Islands Search and Rescue (VISAR) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to saving life at sea. It is the officially recognised search and rescue service in the British Virgin Islands, where it provides 24-hour cover every day of the year in close co-operation with the Royal British Virgin Islands police, fire and ambulance services.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life, and undergo rigorous training in seamanship and small boat-handling skills, search and rescue techniques and first aid. They give up their own time to train and answer distress calls with nothing in return except the satisfaction of knowing that they are doing a vital job.

VISAR’s help can be summoned in the BVI in several ways:

– Dialling 767 (SOS)
– Dialling 999 or 911
– Dialling 494 4357 (494-HELP)
– A distress call on VHF Channel 16


Royal National Lifeboat Institution


RNLITamar Pass

Saving lives at sea

The RNLI is the charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the UK and Republic of Ireland.

· The new MOB Guardian system, which has been developed by the RNLI for fishermen, gives an early alert to an emergency, helps reduce search time and provides the rescuers with an up to date position for the vessel. It means search and rescue agencies including RNLI volunteers don’t have to start a search with little or no information about the location of the casualty. If a single-handed fisherman falls over the side of their vessel the system will automatically alert Search and Rescue agencies and can also shut down the boats engine remotely. The fisherman wears a fob incorporating a panic button, so should a crewman become ill or caught in machinery, he can easily request help. It is confidential so location information about a particular vessel is not available publicly. For more information visit

· Grant funding for the system is as follows at present:

Current guaranteed funding availability:
RNLI : 35% of installed price ongoing
MFA England: 40% of installed price orders placed up to 30-09-0
SEERAD Scotland: 40% of installed price orders placed up to 30-06-08
DARD N. Ireland: 40% of installed price orders placed up to 31-12- 08
Sunderland Marine: 25% of installed price to policy holders on application
Scottish Boat Owners: 25% of installed price to policy holders on application *All financial help is off the capital cost of a MOB Guardian unit excluding vat
Funding may be available within Jersey, Guernsey and The Isle of Man – fishermen should contact their local associations or call MOB Guardian help desk on 01202 663142
Fishermen may be eligible for several grants

· The RNLI runs a free and confidential service called SEA Check, which involves an RNLI volunteer visiting a boat to provide useful guidance and advice about all safety matters. To find out more visit

· As a registered charity, the RNLI relies on voluntary contributions and legacies to ensure its volunteer crews have the very best lifeboats, equipment and training to help them save lives at sea.