The Scilly Boys Row4Home


A team of rowers from the Isles of Scilly launch their transatlantic count down today, Tuesday 5 February from the Penlee RNLI lifeboat station. The four-man team are aiming to beat the record for crossing the Atlantic from New York to the Bishop Rock Lighthouse.

Five people are training for the row, though only four will make the journey, which starts in June; Chris Jenkins and Wayne Davey who are RNLI crew volunteers on the St Mary’s and Penlee lifeboats respectively, Paul Osbourne, Tim Garratt and Joby Newton. The route means they will be ‘rowing for home’, and their challenge is to beat the existing record of 55 days and 13 hours.

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Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR)


The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR) was founded on july 9th, 1891, with a clearly defined goal – To save lives at sea.

The first rescue boats, the Colin Archer-class, were introduced in 1893. They were powered by sails and oars only. Ever since, the NSSR’s boats and crew have saved over 6200 people from certain death. More than 500.000 people have received assistance.

The NSSR is a humanitarian organization aiming at saving lives and recovering property at sea. Maintaining rescue services along the Norwegian coast, and neighbouring sea areas where such services may be necessary. The NSSR also runs an information service and educational program designed to improve safety for boaters.


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