The Deck of Cards







A great deck of cards is available via on-line ordering.

Thanks to @52jokersltd for their initiative in bringing this great product to market. They also provide a free vehicle number plate tab with purchases by UK customers.

Must be the first pack of cards to include 52 jokers.

Suitable for pro-EUSSR and anti-EUSSR supporters.

The pro-EUSSR supporters can genuflect every time they touch a card. They could even string them together as a rosary.

The anti-EUSSR supporters can reflect on the dishonesty and fraud of the EUSSR project.

The undecided can enjoy learning about the levels of fraud and anti-democracy perpetrated by the EUSSR.

Last Chance – Win a great book – enter now – closes 24:00 hrs Zulu December 31 2015



Win one of three copies of “Kings of the Air” by entering the FIRE Project December Book Competition.


Competition December 2015

Competition open Wednesday 16th December 2015

Last date for entries Thursday 31st December 2015

Question: Name the French fighter ‘Ace’ who was the first pilot to use a machine gun firing through the propeller arc

Send your answer in an email to:

Enter in the subject field  FIRE Project Competition Number One

Enter in the email body your answer, The name of the French fighter ‘Ace’

Then email before the Closing Date; which is Thursday 31st December 2016 24:00 hrs Zulu (UK time zone)

Judging: On Friday 1st January 2016, the FIRE Project judges will select the first three correct entries. The winners will receive a congratulations email to the address in their entry and will be required to reply by email with an address that they wish their prize to be posted to by surface mail. The FIRE Project will only use information provided by entrants for the purposes of the competition and that data will be purged after the prizes have been dispatched to the three winners. The judges decision will be final and binding

DVD Review – Walking the Western Front, Somme Part 3, Tank Battles and the Final Phase, September-November 1916


The growing list of Pen & Sword DVDs has been made up with lists from leading production companies. An important part of the list has been provided in the form of German WWII field cameramen shot footage used for propaganda and weekly domestic cinema news. Equally important but very different has been a selection of fine documentary-style videos and this video is from the Battleground series with Ed Skeling and Nigel Cave presenting the story of the Somme campaign of September to November 1916. This is an absorbing presentation that does not attempt to inject false excitement, depending on the excitement of real events ably told.

FIRE Project update


Readers will have noticed changes in the presentation of our news and information portals this year.

Since January, we have been testing various items of new software and modifications. This work is nearing conclusion.

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The Seasons’ Greetings


Once more we are at the point where Winter and Religious Celebrations take place

The FIRE Project Team wishes all of our readers a happy and fullfilling celebration and offer our Best Wishes to you for 2014, may it be a year of joy and advantage for you

FIRE Project Link Changes


The FIRE Project public access portals are beginning to display hyperlinks to related information in a new format.

In line with Project policy set at the start of the project in 1995, all established URLs will continue to operate.

This is a housekeeping operation to prepare the Project’s public access portals for system enhancements that will begin introduction from December 2013.

A key to hyperlinks formats will be added to each portal as navigation information.









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