eXpedition 360


Expedition 360 is an attempt at one of the last great firsts for true circumnavigation: reaching antipodal points on the surface of the globe using only human power (no motors or sails). Bicycles, in-line skates, kayaks, swimming, walking and a unique pedal powered boat are being used by Englishman Jason Lewis and an international team to travel over 45,000 miles across five continents, two oceans and one sea (1994 – 2007).




Antarctica Cup Yacht Race


Albany, Western Australia, has been selected as the start and finish port for the Antarctica Cup Yacht Race. The historic port, 150 nautical miles east of Cape Leeuwin, sits on the very edge of the ‘Roaring Forty’ latitudes and provides crews with a natural springboard to attack the challenging 360° race track around Antarctica.

The event has weathered five years of perseverance to arrive on the doorstep of realisation this coming Southern summer with the first entry expected to set out around the course in December.






The North-West Passage by Sailboat

babouche baniere

Hundred years ago, Amundsen crossed the North-American archipelago from the East to the West and became thus the first person to carry out the passage of this way. To day, Sébastien will try become the first person to carry out this passage only by sail.This sporting and ethical challenge, sponsored by YvanBourgnon, was never yet carried out by a boat without engine.Sébastien, accompanied by three “revolving” team-members, will have to connect the Pacific to the Atlanticby the north of Canada.He conceived and built “Babouche” for this challenge, hisice catamaran.This boat, light and resistant, is able, at the same time, to sail on water and to slide over the ice.The objective of this project is to combine sporting challenge, innovation and respect of nature.




National Maritime Museum Cornwall


Housed in an award winning building on the Falmouth harbour-side, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall transports you into the world of small boats and Cornish maritime history.



National Maritime Museum Cornwall
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MVS Maritime Volunteer Service


The MVS was formed when the British Government decided to disband the RNXS to reduce costs. The RNXS had provided trained volunteers under Royal Navy command to provide services in and around ports in time of war or terrorist emergency. The MVS is a voluntary organization that operates vessels of various sizes at a number of locations in the United Kingdom.


Conrad Natzio


Conrad Natzio designs and builds boats for river, lake and estuary sailing. His home build designs have been used by a very large number of people across the world. Many home builders have never built a boat before and have very basic woodworking tools. The designs are so easy to build that one of then was the subject of a speed building contest during a boat show with raw materials to finished boat in the water in two days.