Vripack is a full-service company offering you services across the spectrum of yachting.

Established in 1961 by the legendary Dutch naval architect Dick Boon, today we count the world as our client base. Vripack partners with individuals, top yards and other leading yacht designers to create yachts of distinction. We cooperate closely with new and existing boat owners on a wide range of issues. And we would welcome the chance to work on your behalf too.

Naval Architecture: Design & construction, plate extensions, nesting, systems, interiors and new construction management. See how around 80 specialists create more than 50 yachts a year between five and 85 metres in length.
Yacht Brokerage: Using all the knowledge gained in designing premium yachts, our brokerage service provides a unique package of services, including buying & selling previously owned boats, yacht registration & class issues, and VAT mitigation.





Patrick Bigand Port Rhu

port-rhu brume

Port Rhu

Photograph: Patrick Bigand

Patrick has a large collection of classic rowing boats, most of them gathered at his house on the Port-Rhu, in Douarnenez, Brittany, within a stone’s throw of the Boat museum. The museum recently hosted an exhibition featuring 3 of his boats, two of which are listed as French national heritage, and a number of documents and pictures from his collection. He is also interested in classic yachts, and owns “Germaine”, an 1882 Ben Nicholson built 45ft yawl, currently undergoing a total rebuild at the International Boatbuilding College in Lowestoft.





Kemp Sails


Kemp Sails supply top quality bespoke sails for day boats, cruisers and racing yachts. Every sail is made in the UK to exacting standards by our experienced sailmakers at our own sail loft in Wareham, Dorset. We also supply the market leading design “Packaway” mainsail stacking system.






Hood Sailmakers



Hood Sailmakers specialize in building high-performance sails for serious cruising yachts and one-designs. Hood are the only sailmakers who weave sailcloth and make the legendary Hood Vektron™ sailcloth, that incorporate Vektran® yarns, giving performance equivalent to laminates – but with far superior durability.






Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR)


The Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue (NSSR) was founded on july 9th, 1891, with a clearly defined goal – To save lives at sea.

The first rescue boats, the Colin Archer-class, were introduced in 1893. They were powered by sails and oars only. Ever since, the NSSR’s boats and crew have saved over 6200 people from certain death. More than 500.000 people have received assistance.

The NSSR is a humanitarian organization aiming at saving lives and recovering property at sea. Maintaining rescue services along the Norwegian coast, and neighbouring sea areas where such services may be necessary. The NSSR also runs an information service and educational program designed to improve safety for boaters.







Norfolk Broads boat hire


*Luxury boating on the beautiful Norfolk Broads.*
Water, scenery, fun and relaxation. It’s a combination which continues to attract visitors from all over the globe to the famous Norfolk Broads.

Now add a luxury sports cruiser, equipped with all the home comforts, and you have the perfect break a world away from the pace of everyday life. Posh Boats offers more than just Norfolk Broads boat hire, we give the the full experience to give you a boating holiday that you won’t forget.



Julian Stockwin

JS outside Victory

Julian Stockwin is the author of the Kydd series of naval stories following the careers of two fiction characters, Kydd and Renzi.

Firetrench Reviews of these books is at tinyurl.com/oozvg

and key in Julian Stockwin for links to all Kydd novels reviewed of key in the title of a specific book

The official Internet site for Julian Stockwin is:


These best sellers are available in

US flag US

McBooks Press published the American hardback edition of QUARTERDECK in the US in 2005, followed by TENACIOUS 2006. COMMAND was published in February 2007.

McBooks is the largest publisher of nautical fiction in the United States and the company plans simultaneous publication of the series with the UK, as of October 2007, when it launches THE ADMIRAL’S DAUGHTER

Thomas Kydd wähnt sich am Ziel seiner Träume. Er erhält sein erstes Kommando über den kleinen, alten Rahsegler Teazer, der zur Verteidigung Maltas gegen die Franzosen und die arabischen Korsaren eingesetzt wird. Doch nach wenigen Seescharmützeln verzieht sich der Pulverdampf. Die Friedensbestimmungen des Wiener Kongresses sorgen dafür, daß Kydd, auf halben Sold gesetzt, plötzlich zur Landratte wird. Seine einzige Chance wieder zur See zu fahren ist die Übernahme eines Sträflingstransportes nach Australien. Es wird eine Höllenfahrt für ihn?

German flag Germany

Nur der Kapitän der mit 64 schweren Kanonen bestückten Tenacious kennt den genauen Wortlaut des Befehls der englischen Admiralität, als der Zweidecker bei Nacht und Nebel in See geht. Auf Grund dieser Geheimhaltung ahnen Leutnant Thomas Kydd und die anderen 590 Mann an Bord, daß sie eine gefährliche Mission erwartet, da die Auseinandersetzung mit den Franzosen um die Seeherrschaft von beiden Seiten zunehmend erbitterter geführt wird. Und dennoch fiebert Kydd innerlich den Gefechten bereits entgegen, weil er sich erneut im Kampf beweisen will ? Der siebte Band über den Aufstieg eines mutigen Jungen vom Gepreßten zum Offizier und Seehelden der Royal Navy.

Kommt es möglicherweise doch zu einem Friedensschluß zwischen Großbritannien und Frankreich? Oder werden die Schiffe der Royal Navy weiterhin die Stückpforten öffnen, wenn ihnen ein Franzose vor den Bug läuft? Erst als die englische Flotte unter Admiral Nelson vor Toulon aufkreuzt, weiß Thomas Kydd, Fünfter Leutnant an Bord der mit 64 Kanonen bestückten Tenacious, daß das vielleicht entscheidende Gefecht um die Seeherrschaft im Mittelmeer bevorsteht, und er fiebert regelrecht danach, sich im Kampf zu beweisen. Der sechste Band über den harten Aufstieg eines tapferen Jungen vom Gepreßten zum Offizier und Seehelden.

Japanese flag Japan


JS Quarterdeck

French flag France

Having published all of Patrick O’Brian’s seafaring novels, Renaud Bombard of Presses de la Cite has bought French rights in KYDD, ARTEMIS, SEAFLOWER and MUTINY.

A delighted Bombard said, “As the proud French publisher of the great and much-lamented Patrick O’Brian, I am absolutely thrilled to have found his rightful successor in Julian Stockwin. I am definitely convinced that Kydd will soon become a household name in France – ‘Bon vent’ to this wonderful new series!”

KYDD was published in February 2007, and from 2008, two titles annually will be launched

Le premier volet d’une nouvelle saga maritime au long cours au temps de la Révolution française et des guerres napoléoniennes.

1793. La guerre fait rage en Europe. Le Premier ministre britannique, William Pitt « le Second », pressé de déclencher une action maritime, envoie une escadre patrouiller devant les côtes françaises. Pour armer ces navires et constituer les équipages, les volontaires manquant, il faut pratiquer l’enrôlement forcé. C’est dans ces circonstances que Thomas Paine Kydd, jeune perruquier de Guildford, est enlevé dans une taverne avec d’autres « terriens » comme lui, transporté à travers le sud-est de l’Angleterre jusqu’à l’immense mouillage de la flotte britannique, au Nore, pour entrer dans l’équipage d’un vaisseau de ligne de 98 canons, le Duke William. Le navire appareille aussitôt, et Kydd doit apprendre très vite, à la dure, les rudes réalités de la vie à bord. Mais en dépit de tout ce qu’il endure, dans la tempête et les combats, il en vient à admirer le courage et les capacités des marins. Au bout du compte, il décidera de relever le défi et de devenir à son tour un véritable homme de mer.

Czech flag We are delighted to announce that Petr Dobrovsky in the Czech Republic has bought Czechoslovakian language rights for KYDD. Publication details will be listed when they come to hand.

Portuguese flag KYDD was published in Portuguese by Ulisseia.

ISBN 972 568 454 X.

Russian flag Mir Knigi is to translate QUARTERDECK into Russian.

Sea Heart Viking Ship Adventure Project



sea heart logo

Viking015 Viking013



The International Sea Heart Children’s Foundation Project to sail the pioneering Viking route from Europe to the Americas via, the Shetland Islands, Iceland, Greenland and down the American East Coast. The voyage will start in the Netherlands and aims to complete in Key West Florida. The Project is seeking donations and sponsorship to fund the voyage in a unique Viking Ship built from fifteen million ice cream sticks and a lot of glue.

Sea Heart website: tinyurl.com/9uxjm




Cork Week


Cork Week is an annual event. Writing of Cork Week 2007, Colm Barrington – Magic Glove Winner of IRC Zero and Boat of the Week said:

“Competing at Cork Week is always a pleasure, because of the beautiful
location, great sailing waters, varied racing, excellent race management
and great competition. Winning in 2006 was especially satisfying as it was
our first major victory in Magic Glove after many months of development,
building and tuning. I’m already looking forward to 2008″.


Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, New York



The aircraft carrier Intrepid made a D-Day “landing” on Staten Island, Wednesday, June 6th, after being towed from a slip at Bayonne Dry Dock & Repair Corp.

Aircraft Carrier Intrepid to Return Home to Pier 86 on September 26, 2008; Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s Grand Re-opening Celebration to be Held on November 11, 2008 – Veterans Day

2008 Veterans Day Parade to be Rerouted to Intrepid Museum

This will mark the end of an extensive survey and refit. When Intrepid returns to Pier 86, she will berth alongside new visitor facilities.