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EMEC operates AIS receiving stations from the wave test site to the west of the mainland and also from the tidal site on the northern isle of Eday. These stations provide a combined coverage of over four and a half thousand square km.


EMEC’s Mission Statement is:

“To be the internationally acknowledged leading test and certification centre for marine energy converters.”

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The main services EMEC offers to the Marine renewable industry are:

Provision of Wave and Tidal testing capabilities:
Independent assessment of devices’ energy conversion capabilities, structural performance and survivability
Assistance with Grid connection and ROCs (Renewable Obligations Certificate) accreditation
Real-time monitoring of meteorological and marine resource conditions
Extensive assistance with consent & regulatory issues
Opportunity to join EMEC’s Monitoring Strategy
Extensive local research and engineering support
Nearby access to sheltered water and harbours
Office and data centre support

Consultancy and Service provision
Provision of off-site testing validation
Provision of consultancy on all aspects of design and operation of marine test centres
Provision of data and marine services

Projects and Research
Provision of specialist resources for all projects related to Marine Renewable research specifically related to a Marine Test site.

EMEC operates within a UKAS accredited integrated management system, which incorporates Quality Health & Safety and Environmental standards. This means we can offer independent, internationally recognised verification of the performance of devices which come to test at EMEC.

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