Esterline Control Systems


Esterline Corporation is a leading worldwide supplier to the aerospace and defense industry specializing in three core areas: Avionics & Controls, Advanced Materials, and Sensors & Systems. With annual sales of more than $1.5 billion, Esterline employs over 9,000 people, including nearly 900 employees in the Puget Sound area.

Operations within the Avionics & Controls segment include the Control Systems platform and focus on technology interface systems for commercial and military aircraft and similar devices for land- and sea-based military vehicles, secure communications systems, specialized medical equipment, and other high-end industrial applications.

Operations within the Advanced Materials segment focus on technologies including high-temperature-resistant materials and components used for a wide range of military and commercial aerospace purposes, and combustible ordnance and electronic warfare countermeasure products.

The Sensors & Systems segment includes operations that produce high-precision temperature and pressure sensors, electrical power distribution equipment, and other related systems principally for aerospace and defense customers.

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Esterline Control Systems
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