Pablo Avanzini


Ferrol, Spain 1963.

A self taught photographer I started as an amateur in the early 80s. My interest in nature, rural and urban landscape, seascapes and, above all, the Tall Ships, have taken me to develop a photographic and editorial activity. My work has been published in specialized magazines, photography books and exhibited in Galleries. Some of my images have been purchased by private collectors. Currently I live in el Puerto de Santa María.


In 2004 I built a personal virtual gallery on the internet with the idea of sharing my photographs with family and friends. To my surprise I received my first request for a photograph to be published on a magazine, from a complete stranger who just happened to “surf” into my site. This way, the thought of turning a serious hobby into a business began to take shape…



Having served as a naval officer for over 24 years, a virtual encounter with world class tall ship photographer Thad Kozad was about to change my career life towards my lifelong passion, photography. We exchanged books and Thad wrote on a copy of his 4th edition Tall Ships: The Fleet for the 21st Century, “Pablo, you can’t change the wind but you can change direction!. Fair winds!”, thus I did.


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